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Partly and-made coaches,manufactured in limited runs. Very accurate reproduction. All coaches are completely of metal construction with the exeception of the roof which for technical reasons has been made out of synthetic material. Metal body mounted on sprung bogies with antifriction axle boxes - NMRA turned steel insulated wheels - sprung buffers - model couplers - brake pipes - accumulator boxes - dynamo - gangways mounted on metal frame with accessories - correct lettering on both body and frame - scaled brass etched crest in two parts with legible full inscriptions. Fully detailed interior fittings - interior lighting - opening doors with return springs. The roof which can be unscrewed,is faithfully reproduced with riveting and ventilators. All coaches have correct numbers of windows and all particularities correspond to each different prototype.



Scale 1:43,5

 " 0 " Gauge 


Made in Italy










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