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1946 Armando Ravasini reproduces the 0691 and the E428.

ELETTREN what has been a mere hobby so far becomes a company: ELETTREN. These two rail-car will be followed by other carriages and goods-wagons, which will enable this company to be highly appreciated in the tin-plate sector.

1964 Franco Ravasini replaces his father in the leadership of the company. he improves the company's range of the products, always reaching excellent and top quality results. Over the years he will produce more and more improved models which will be praised for their peculiar manufacture techniques.

1993 Fabio e Maurizio Ravasini carries on the family tradiction, and by entering the 3rd generations, he starts a new age for the company - characterized by the production of new top quality models made with the best handicraft techniques - though keeping the 60 years of ELETTREN'S style unchanged.

WHY "LONG LASTING"? Because the quality of our products is the fruit of our long experience in the working of these materials... The ferrous metal models consist of trimmed and drawn plates; the inscriptions have been obtained through pad printing and silkscreen; a few photoengraved and cast detalis - as well as the internal lighting the small doors which can be opened, and the cloth gangways- make the carriages even smarter. Our latest products have been obtained through phototrimming and lost wax cast processes of the brass components, whitc all result in an even better " fine-scale".


 Since 1946

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Armando Ravasini



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